Performing a Simple Search

Enter search criteria to find a physician's profile

You may search by Name, Specialty, License Number, or ZIP Code. Enter as little or as much information as you know to find a physician or group of physicians.

To perform a simple search

1.      Using your browser, go to the BORIM Physician Search page at

2.      Enter one or more of the following search criteria to find a physician's profile:

        Last Name

        First Name

        Practice Specialty –Select the check boxes for one or more of the following:

Cancer Specialists Orthopedics
Dermatology Pediatrics
Eye Physicians Primary Care
OB/GYN Psychiatry

        License Number

        ZIP Code

        Select the number of miles from the ZIP Code area. Widen your search by increasing the miles.

3.      Click Find Physician. A list of physicians matching the criteria you entered appear in the Search Results List. For each physician, the list displays:

        Last Name

        First Name

        Middle Initial

        Practice Specialties



4.      To change how the list is displayed:

        Change the number of rows displayed on each page by selecting 10 (default), 20, or 50 rows per page:

        Sort by a different column by clicking the desired column name. (The default is Last Name.)

5.      To move to another page, click the page number or click Prev, Next, or Last:

6.      If needed, click Back to Search to perform another search.

7.      To view the profile of a physician in the list, click the physician's last name. The physician's profile appears. Click here for a description of a physician's profile.

8.      To print the profile, click the Printer Friendly link in the upper-right corner, and then click Print.

9.      To search for another physician, click Home in the upper left corner of the page.