Performing an Advanced Physician Search

Enter search criteria to find a physician's profile

To perform an advanced search

1.      Using your browser, go to the BORIM Physician Search page at

2.      Click More Search Options.


The Advanced Physician Search page appears

3.      Enter search criteria to find a physician's profile. Enter as much or as little as you know to find a physician or a group of physicians. Criteria includes:

        License Number

        Last Name

        First Name

        License Status – Select Active, Non-Active, or Active and Non-Active from the drop-down list.

        Business City / State – Enter the city / town in which the physician's business is located and select the state from the drop-down list.

        ZIP Code

        Select the number of miles from the ZIP Code.

        Select the check box(es) for one or more AMA Specialties.

        Select the check box(es) for one or more Health Care Facility Affiliations.

4.      Click Find Physician. A list of physicians matching the criteria you entered appear in the Search Results List. For each physician, the list displays:

        Last Name

        First Name

        Middle Initial

        Practice Specialties



        Distance (from the selected ZIP Code)

5.      To change how the list is displayed:

        Change the number of rows displayed on each page by selecting 10 (default), 20, or 50 rows per page:

        Sort by a different column by clicking the desired column name. (The default is Last Name.)

6.      To move to another page, click the page number or click Prev, Next, or Last:

7.      If needed, click Back to Search to perform another search.

8.      To view the profile of a physician in the list, click the physician's last name. The physician's profile appears. Click here for a description of a physician's profile.

9.      To print the profile, click the Printer Friendly link in the upper-right corner, and then click Print.

10.  To search for another physician, click Home in the upper left corner of the page.