Massachusetts was the first state to offer a comprehensive program to give patients access to information about the education, training, and experience of all licensed physicians.

The "Physician Profiles" program is one tool patients can use to make the right health care decisions. Patients are encouraged to use the physician profile information to foster better communication with a physician.

Who Should Use the Physician Profiles?

Consumers use Physician Profiles when trying to choose a physician from a list supplied by their managed care plan. Others have found the information useful when they have been referred to a specialist. Expectant mothers use Physician Profiles as one step in choosing an obstetrician.

Many physicians use the system to help patients when making a referral to a specialist.

The Physician Profiles service can benefit everyone who uses it.

What's On a Profile?



        Medical Specialties

        Professional demographics, including business address, insurance plan and health care facility affiliations, and available translation services.

        Professional or community awards received

        Research or publications by the physician

        Malpractice claims paid

        Health Care Facility disciplines

        Criminal convictions

        Disciplinary actions of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine

        Disciplinary actions taken by other state medical boards

What's NOT On a Profile ?

        The number of suits filed against a physician

        Complication rates for health care facilities or physicians

        Patient mortality rates

        Malpractice dollar payments